Kapten & Son

Kapten & Son Watches

Kapten & Son watches are about making time, rather than simply having time. Focused in the moment, the German-based brand advises its customers to make time for the important things in life. You could say that Kapten & Son watches are all about “Carpe Diem” making sure you don’t let the magic of the moment pass you by. 

A Kapten watch should be natural at your wrist, as it is more than a timepiece. A watch should build memories with you, and follow you in your daily experience and adventures. Do watches have memory? This is not certain, but you’ll surely be remembered with a Kapten and Son watch at your wrist. 

The German brand, with strategic ties to New York and Melbourne, offers several types of watches, according to the occasion. Our selection of Kapten & Son watches includes the elegant black-dial designs from the acclaimed Kapten & Sons Chrono collection. With their black dials and edgy coolness, you can rest assured your Kapten & Son watch will turn heads whether you’re wearing it at work or as far from the office as you wish. The Chrono models feature a standout, large dial and a Swiss quartz movement. 

Without overdoing it, the German designer brought to the market a unique collection of timepieces, all featuring classy Roman numerals and suitable for any generation, but especially for those who enjoy a modern watch at their wrist, without betraying the solid foundations of classic watchmaking. 

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