Tayroc Watches

Tayroc watches are not a tool to keep time. Their timepieces are not mere fashion accessories to complete an outfit. According to the vision of the British watch designer, a Tayroc watch is more than the two combined: it is a window for your personality. When people look at your wrist, they glimpse at your personality.

Tayroc embrace their customers regardless of their circumstances, sexual preferences, ethnicities. The key behind the brand are inclusivity and openness, not only as a philosophy, but also with regards to pricing and design.

Among the several available collections, the top Tayroc men’s watch is their Chronograph. Suitable for every occasion,be it your work attire or just a more casual night out in the pub. Tayroc watches also produce affordable but stylish Mesh Watches, affording high interchangeability thanks to their straps. Notable models include the Highlander and the Impression. The Tayroc Holte and Hampton watches are the boldest creation of this daring brand, featuring a remarkable strap game that says as much as the dial. Available in a multitude of colours, Tayroc Link watches are their quintessential attempt at minimalism.

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