squarestreet Watches

With one foot in modern minimalism and the other rooted in traditional watchmaking aesthetics, squarestreet stepped into the Scandinavian watchmaking arena over 10 years ago, with great swag and personality. Founded by Alexis Holm, squarestreet gives a Scandinavian touch to minimalist watch tradition, blending the traditional minimalist watch with some stylish tweaks.

Praised for their distinctiveness, no two squarestreet watches are the same, as the brand vows to continually seek the balance between traditional and novel, restlessly innovating and showing something new in the overcrowded market, including reindeer leather straps, made available in some limited edition watches.

Richly-textured dials and attention to detail convey the subtlety of squarestreet’s watchmaking philosophy, both simple and inspired, sometimes sophisticated. The squarestreet range includes Plano, designed as a modern dress watch thanks to its delicate lines and clear aesthetics, while the Novem, Latin for 9, inspired by the 9 lunar phases, embodies a more vintage vision. Lastly, the Trivium collection completes the squarestreet lineup with its aesthetically pleasing model, still of Latin inspiration, meaning “Three of anything”. Three, of course, bears the reputation of being the perfect number in the Latin and Catholic tradition.

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