AÃRK Watches

Founded around the love for design and family, AÃRK has taken the Australian watch market by storm. With a unique style and a diverse set of influences, AÃRK collective strive to find a sweet spot between function and fashion when they draft their wearables. Their love for simplicity naturally transmit a minimalist vibe, focused on creating beautiful timepieces loved by their subtle yet crucial details, built to last and withstand the challenges of time.

AÃRK watches are not mere wristwatches, but carefully crafted design pieces that transmit an aura of sophistication and elegance. The Australian brand has made strives with its collections, with bold takes on minimalism, which add an artistic touch to the traditional minimalist love for geometry and symmetry. 

Thanks to their art-gallery like aesthetic, every timepiece embodies the AÃRK brand, even without having branding on their dials. This marriage of minimalism and abstract visual elements truly makes AÃRK stand out from the crowd of minimalist watchmakers, projecting them into the arena of icons and fashion brands.

AÃRK's risk-loving approach paid off in creating a unique brand that does not speak to everyone, but it never wanted to in the first place. Their place is the boutique, the museum shop rather than malls. Anyone with a researched, abstract sense of style that is looking for a wristwatch will stop looking when they see an AÃRK model. 

Perfect for those who believe watches are not just sitting at your wrist but also a way for you to express your beliefs, tastes, and personalities, AÃRK watches come in different shapes and styles. Minimalist lovers will appreciate the classic range, featuring Japanese movement and Italian calf leather strap. Multi, accent, and interval complete a diverse offering that caters to many different styles.

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