Briston Watches

Briston Watches

Born in France but with a very British spirit, Briston watches embody the sporty-chic flair that its founder Brice Jaunet developed in his University days at Oxford. The very same spirit originated in Britain and exported to Ivy-league American colleges. 

The free spirit - as well as the company’s watchmaking pedigree, make the Briston watch a striking and unique piece in a crowded landscape. With its roots firmly in the watchmaking tradition, Briston likes to experiment with alternative, innovative materials and colours in order to give their timepieces a fresh look. 

Briston watches come in multiple collections, catering to different unique styles, all under the Clubmaster umbrella.

Clubmaster Classic

Inspired by the “roaring twenties”, these timepieces are fairly standard, gloating in its timeless, elegant flair. The Briston Clubmaster Classic comes in a leather or nylon strap.

Clubmaster Sport

Inspired by the world of car racing lines dating back to the 1960s, this 42 mm-case watch maintains the flair of its classic counterpart with a few tweaks to the details, including a tachymeter-inspired scale to keep the date.

Clubmaster Chic

Elegant, timeless. These two words describe perfectly the Briston range that adapted the “classic” model with a curved 36 mm case. The double-layered dial provides distinction and a gentle, feminine touch.

Clubmaster Lady

Tiny and curvy, this rounded timepiece has a 24 mm case, decorated with a black onyx cabochon and NATO strap. Keeping the flair of the Briston watch range, the Clubmaster lady assumes the value of a jewel rather than a mean of keeping time.