MYKU Watches

Founded in 2015 in Hong Kong, MYKU watches has a unique and inspired approach to watchmaking. Obsessed about the smallest details, MYKU takes care of their timepieces in-house, from sketch to prototype. MYKU watches get inspiration from cultural symbolism and the natural perfection of the stones they carve to crown their watches, a love that originated centuries ago when stones were the central actor in the architecture of the monuments we love today.

Far from only a means of keeping time, MYKU watches are a medium through which express one’s personality; unique, timelessly beautiful, they convey the two founders’ vision about crafting machines that withstand the challenges of time. To do this, they had to select the most experienced, reliable suppliers, partnering only with the best in the industry, someone with which they could share their passion for detail and quality.

The journey from stone to dial is long and windy: from sourcing the best semi-precious stones, to having German craftsmen carve them to reveal their inner beauty. Each cut becomes a unique stone dial, irreplicable in its beauty and timelessness. After meeting the strict quality requirements enforced by MYKU, the best Swiss watchmakers put together the timepiece, crafting every single mechanism.

The MYKU watch collection includes several types of dials depending on the stone-carved; you can expect to find Carrara Marble, Onyx, Howlite and Sardonyx. Like architects and sculptors from ancient times, the MYKU craftsmen carve stone into beautiful art, ready to be at your wrist for years to come. To match the carefully-crafted dials, straps made from genuine Italian leather and Milanese steel. 

If your concept of beauty embraces high-design, subtlety and elegant, unpretentious luxury and you believe that watches are more than a device to keep track of time, MYKU have the right wristwatch for you.

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