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Impeccable, stylish, high-quality. These are the words that come to mind most often when talking about Rossling watches. Starting from zero back in 2013, Rossling has been crafting wristwatches that can be worn on any occasion, sourcing the best possible materials for their assembly. The Montreal-based brand has then progressed to over 100.000 sitting at the wrists of their enthusiast customers, based around the globe in over 30 countries.

Inspired by minimalism and following the Bauhaus movement, Rossling designs their timepieces following the principle of form follows function. In a few words, they believe that the form of an object should be determined by its function, rather than aesthetical ambitions. Their models are powered by the finest Swiss or Japanese movements and crowned by sapphire crystals and surgical stainless steel. Italian calf leather completes the watches in their stylish straps.

All the features and details are built to support the watch’s mission, telling the time. This lets the truly minimalist soul of Rossling & co watches shine through their clean, symmetrical, and sleek designs. 

From the 40 mm Regatta 1959, a true minimalist icon, inspired by marine motives as the back motif shows, to the Continental, still 40 mm but featuring a unique, elegant leather-lined charcoal tweed strap. The white Dial pays tribute to the minimalist tradition, as both models have been tested for water resistance up to 5 ATM.

Wearing a Rossling watch also means caring for the environment: without big premises and large shareholders pushing for dividends, Rossling and co has vowed to respect the environment and minimise their carbon footprint. Their focus on repairing rather than replacing, their ban for mercury-containing batteries, while also trying to source biodegradable and recycled materials for packaging, are all testaments to the brand’s environmental focus. In addition, Rossling partners with organizations that raise awareness for social and humanitarian issues.

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