Adexe Watches

Straight from the creative hub of the timeless London, ADEXE creates unique timepieces. Traditional yet modern, luxurious yet minimalist, ADEXE promotes a modern concept of fashion with firm roots in the watchmaking tradition. Believing that success is determined by split-second decisions, ADEXE was founded by a struck of luck and serendipity in the London markets.

With meticulous attention to detail and obsession for quality, the British watch designers vowed to stay true to themselves, from when they started a factory of three people to the over 1,200 people that craft their timepieces today. Original, brave, and bold, ADEXE design and produce their chronographs under one roof in London, carefully looking for the perfect match between fine craftsmanship and affordable pricing, between the latest manufacturing technologies and timeless watchmaking cornerstones.

ADEXE’s work could not remain unobserved, as accolades from the public praised the quality and style of their timepieces, a perfect complement for many modern and classic outfits. Just looking at the strap - available in either hand-crafted Mesh Band or genuine Italian leather - you can feel the quality behind these wristwatches, real companions with the promise of sticking to your wrists for many years to come. The stainless steel cases make sure the timepiece is as sturdy as stylish. 

ADEXE men’s watches come in many styles and colours, proud of their timeless flair and faultless performance, ready to complement your outfit, be it a casual setting, your long days at the office, or an occasion where you have to dress to impress. The rose gold tones and thinner straps accompany the unique ADEXE women’s models, available in different colours and face combinations, but always of the same quality standards.
Join the over 1 Million ADEXE lovers worldwide, and wear a timepiece that will make your personality shine. 

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